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tanner d. 
hargrove, phd

licensed professional counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist supervisor, nationally certified counselor

"we cannot change anything until we accept it.  condemnation does not liberate; it oppresses."

carl jung

connect : understand : restore

Welcome to the private practice of tanner hargrove.  People pursue therapy for multiple reasons.  Regardless of the reason, this site works to provide options for moments in life where space is needed.  Use the site to begin your pursuit towards healthy, continue your journey, or find someone to walk alongside you as you manage what life has given you.  Click, peruse, or reach out as needed.     


from an emerging adult

As a former student and current client, I can say that Tanner Hargrove is true to his teaching and passionate in his practice. Advice is what someone gives when they want you and your problems to go away. In talk therapy with Hargrove, a lasting impression seems to be made on both the therapist and the client. Hargrove never gives advice, but instead assists his clients in strategizing and sifting through the most complex problems of our lives; bringing out what we may have always known but have never been able to speak.


contact tanner

4211 I-40 west, suite 200

amarillo, texas  79109

talk: 806.350.5867


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