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previous speaking engagements

Trinity Fellowship Church

  • TOPIC: Ministry as Restoration: A Brief Understanding

Redeemer Christian Church

  • TOPIC: Marriage Purpose, Position, and Practicalities: A Seminar

Answers: A Panel Forum

  • TOPIC: Mental Health and Adolescence

San Jacinto Christian Academy

  • TOPIC: Manhood: Meaning and Making Decisions

  • TOPIC: Living up to Healthy Choices

Mothers of Preschoolers: First Baptist Church, Amarillo

  • TOPIC: Marital Intimacy

North: Trinity Fellowship

  • TOPIC: Sexuality and Being Unmarried

North: Trinity Fellowship

  • TOPIC: An Update: Sex for Unmarrieds

North: Trinity Fellowship

  • TOPIC: Relationship Panel

American Quarter Horse Association

  • TOPIC: Anxiety and Stress: Managing the Demands of High Pressure Compitetion

Fellowship of Christian Athletes: West Texas A&M University Division

  • TOPIC: Depression and Anxiety

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