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focus areas

couple's therapy

All of life has a systemic connection.  In relationships that system is the other.  Couple's therapy focuses on the ways in which the individual, emotion, and intimacy can be strengthened when the variables are experienced through understanding.  

emerging adults

Once we complete graduation our families and society demand we present a complete package about the next 40 years of our lives.  What we will do next becomes synonymous with who we are.  This complex process of identity formation demands space to process the ways in which what we have lived, who we see ourselves becoming, and how we will get there.  Unmarried or married emerging adulthood is an exciting yet overwhelming time.  

adolescent and family therapy

Dan Seigel sees adolescence as one of the most pivotal and exciting times in the course of our development.  As such it has a distinct set of obstacles.  Learning to make healthy choices.  Using peer groups to help us see parts of who we may want to become.  Family therapy creates a space in the family of origin for these processes to be celebrated rather than controlled. 

My Approach
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